Certified transformational coach (ICF) Counselling skills (BACP) Certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Processing, Hypnotherapy and Time line therapy. Training: Non Violent Communication, Leadership (CTI), The Work (Byron Katie).

My portfolio career began post university as a marketeer and property developer at which point both these talents dovetailed into a broadcast career spanning 15 years. Having cultivated a passion for interviewing people, a natural transition followed from my passion and aptitude for coaching. My business life is very firmly set in the therapeutic field of behaviour to work to affect change within incredible individuals.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.


Transformational Coaching

I’m a people junky. Committed to living a passionate life and inspiring the world to WAKE UP!
To chose to passionately live vs to passively exist. My style of coaching is fun, dynamic and life changing. Designed to inspire and breath new life into already incredible beings. I use skills and techniques honed and fine tuned from my world class training and continuos commitment to personal development. My belief is the greatest relationship we can ever work on is the one with ourself and human behaviour is my passion. To support others to live more fulfilled versions of themselves is my gift to the world.

Workshops / Group Training Sessions

Having invested in a number of world class leadership programs, I decided to cultivate my learning and develop training and workshops for individuals inspired to be or do something different. I lead and co-lead unique programs designed to support the individual needs of both your organisation, its culture and the individuals within it. My unique style is based around the process being experiential and part embodiment. I hold a belief the majority of my clients prefer to experience change for themselves versus to be instructed. Examples of training include: a transformational behavioural experience, confidence building and unveiling my authentic self.
All programs are tailored to your organisations specific requirements.

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

My work as a television anchor and event host, spans 15 years and has provided me with a sound platform for speaking about my life passion: people. Together with my therapy based qualifications and my own life experiences I have a broad range of subjects I love to share and inspire through stories, experience and skills. My work sees me inspiring young adults in schools and groups of men and woman who are seeking personal change. Examples of speaking topics include: ‘Living your life dream’, techniques for coping with ‘being a single parent’ and the unnecessary pain we experience in ‘breakups where children are involved’.


"We accept feedback consistent with our self image and reject that which is not"


"I am not a product of my circumstance, I’m a product of my decisions"

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"The price of anything
is the amount of life
you exchange for it"


"A healthy mind
does not speak ill
of others"

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"Every next level of
your life will require
a new you"


"Man is not who
he thinks he is,
he is what he hides"

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"Stop explaining yourself, people only understand you from the level of their perception."


"The man on top
of the mountain
didn’t fall there"

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Skype / Facetime

One to one sessions are organised either in person, by Skype, FaceTime or telephone. All equally as effective and I know different from counselling and other therapeutic practices.

Discovery Session

After a mutual agreement to commit to a working relationship, an initial 2 hour discovery session is scheduled. Evening and very early morning slots are available to accommodate the requirements of my worldwide clients.

FREE 30 Minute Trial

I offer an initial free 30 min session designed for us both to establish rapport and to highlight the salient behavioural challenges you wish to address and work with.

Following on from this trial session I will make recommendations relating to the regularity of our sessions and the suggested duration for each one.

Learned Behaviour

I hold a belief that learned behaviour is very simple to change. Essentially it requires for us to identify your out of date and limiting belief and to replace this with a new one that serves you now.

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Client Coaching Testimonials

“After just one session, Melissa had turned my preconceptions on their head and encouraged me to look at things differently. Her friendly, honest and forthright approach had me feeling like I was conversing with an old friend who knew me well and genuinely cared. Thank you Melissa. You have turned me around to face in the right direction!” – Female entrepreneur

“Melissa gave me ‘home work’ which made me laugh. I put it to work right away and noticed the behaviour of others was a positive one. If you feel ‘stuck’ in your life and career, I can really recommend Melissa’s life coaching sessions. She has shone a bright torch on my future path and I’m ready to begin walking down it.” – Ex offender HMP

“To say I was a tad nervous about my first session is an understatement! But Melissa put me at ease straight away. She’s unlike any form of counsellor I’ve come across and I’ve had a few. Melissa is warm and enthusiastic about you as a person, she does her homework and has a strong perception of who you are and what you want to achieve. This women gets you from the off and I know she will always support me when needed. Melissa is a coach for life.” – Company Director

“I’ll be honest; having never had a life coaching session before I didn’t have high expectations. But I was completely wrong. Melissa soon had me at ease and helped me to discover things about myself that I’d never consciously realised. She is completely down to earth and very easy going. She helped me to understand where I was sabotaging myself and how I might be letting others do the same.” –Single Mum

“Melissa Porter has been fantastic to work with, she is a genuine and very positive person, her optimism and positivity towards life helped me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change. She has enabled me to take the road that will lead to fulfilling my personal goals.” – Finance Director

“Melissa has helped me with developing clear strategies for dealing with issues in my career. She did not provide the solutions for me but rather enabled me to identify the solutions for myself. I am now taking positive action to overcome these issues. I find coaching with Melissa a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my life, clarify my goals, and transfer them into actions. I feel I have and continue to reap from the benefits of coaching”. – Recent Graduate

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